Ryan's First Day at the Baby Sitter's

Ryan and Mikey at Toni's house at 7:15am, both are very sleepy guys!

Finally back home at 5:30pm, after Mommy worked at the office.

Mikey wanted to hold Ryan, he asked "I hold IT."
We are still working with him on using Ryan's name

Ryan just started smiling this past weekend!
This is the first picture of him really smiling.

Ryan and Mikey went to the baby sitter's, so Mommy could return to work. I was a wreck, when I got back into my car, after I dropped them both off. I cried for 5 minutes...it was horrible. I couldn't wait to pick them up! Both had a really good day. Toni said that Ryan ate really well, and Mikey just "forgot," Ryan was even there!


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