Purina Farms

Early Saturday morning we headed to Purina Farms, located in Gray Summit, MO.
We met Grandma and Grandpa Lee, Uncle Jason, Aunt Erin, Cousins Connor and Aiden.
The sign that welcomes you to the farm.
You then have to pass through security, and tell them your reservation time.
Otherwise the visit is free!

Ryan was having a great morning.
He soon fell asleep, and slept through most of the visit, wrapped up in his blanket and hoodie! Happy as could be!

We watched the diving dog and Frisbee dog show.
(Connor, Pa-pa, Mikey, Aiden, and Jason)

This lab and pit bull mix really could "fly!"
We really enjoyed watching him dive.

The Labrador loved the water, and after every dive, she would swim around for a few minutes, as the pool was 80 degrees and she loved the water!

Grandma and Pa-pa, walked with Mikey, as they entered the big barn.

Mikey loved the miniature horse!
I am sure he was trying to figure out how he could open the stall door, to get in there to pet or ride the horse, as it was just the right size for Mikey!

Mikey really wanted to pet this chicken.
One of the staff members held the chicken, and Mikey finally got to pet a real chicken.
These two little pigs were having so much fun in their enclosure.
They were playing with a rubber ball...Mikey really wanted to climb in there and play with them!
(Aiden, Conor, and Jason)

Mikey and a very soft rabbit!

This is Mikey looking at the bunny VERY close.
Shortly after the picture was taken, he looked at grandpa, and said "No poke in eye." Not sure why he thought pa-pa, would do that but he thought it needed to be said!

This was an exhibit that explained how much a draft horse could pull. You pulled the rope will all your strength, and it would give you a "weight," that you could pull if you were the horse.
(Connor, Mikey, Aiden, Jason, and Grandpa)

The 2nd floor of the barn had a children's play area, with a hay loft that had tunnels to crawl through. As you come out of the last tunnel, they have tables, filled with dried corn. They boys loved playing with the tractors and mini farm equipment!

Mikey really liked the little green tractor with the front scoop.
He didn't want to stop playing with it.
(I'm sure he thought he could sneak it into our diaper bag...)

Mikey on one of the peddle tractors. His feet barely touched, so he couldn't peddle by himself. Mommy pushed him, as he attempted to do one side. Poor kid really wanted to do it by himself.

Aiden had a blast! Partly because he was able to go all by himself, as Connor was too tall!

Grandpa, Mikey, and grandma at the dairy cow exhibit.

Mikey wanted to milk the cow, until he had to sit on the farmers lap.
He then freaked out and screamed "NO cow!"

Aiden, Conor, and Mikey at the Koi fish pond.
Mikey had a great day!


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