Cabela's Visit

I can't believe you made us miss the duck race, Mommy!

Ryan didn't mind...he was happy in the stroller.

They have real rainbow trout in there!

Mikey thought this beaver, was a rat. He screamed when he finally saw it. He was too busy looking at the trout in the water.

Mikey growled at the bears, and wanted to know why he couldn't pet one!

This monster catfish, has to weigh 70 pounds or more.
Mikey also wanted to touch this fish.

Mikey thought this was a horse, so it proves that we need to work on our animal identification skills. Apparently my kid, is lacking in that department!

We visited Cabela's due to the rain, and because I messed up!
I thought the rubber duck race was on Monday...and it was on Saturday.
Bad Mommy!


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