Elf Mischief - Mission Halloween Candy

Buddy and Max found the Halloween stash, and ate candy, till their belly's hurt.
Then they took what was left and spelled out their names.

Then they thought it would be fun to set up the Christmas train, and take it for a spin around the track.

When Mikey came down stairs, he just laughed! He was really surprised that the elves were up till 1:30am, making mischief.

Daddy asked if Mikey heard any paper crunching sounds, or little feet running around.

Mike was amazed at the amount of candy they ate.

Buddy spelled his name on the train board!

Ryan found Max's candy wrappers!

Once the mess was cleaned up, it was time to play with the train.

Mikey picked up Buddy, and put him on his lap.

Buddy and Max, watching the train.

Mikey loved the train, and played with it non-stop for 2 hours.
Thank you Buddy and Max!


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