Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day with the Fortner's.

Dylan - Ryan - Mikey

Dylan and Ryan

Ryan, Dylan, and Mikey all had presents to open...1,2,3...GO!

Grandma passed out the gifts.

Mikey really liked Ryan's activity cube...funny how that works;
one has to have the others gifts...should have just switched the name tags.

Grandpa and Ryan
(The cutest little "gift!")

Grandma showing Ryan his remote controlled puppy.

Mikey playing with Ryan's new TV remote control!

Ryan playing with Mikey's pots and pans.

Ryan likes his new riding toy/walker.
He just sat there very quietly or giggled every once in awhile.
Dylan got a Nintendo Wii, talk about a good time!
It was hilarious to watch everyone take a turn playing!

Thank you grandma and grandpa Fortner for a great Christmas Day!
The food was fantastic, and the company was even better!
Thank you for everything!


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