Sick = No Fun

Mikey started coughing early this week, but really got sick on Wednesday.
The babysitter called to tell me he had a temperature of 102!
I rushed him over to the pediatrician, and he was diagnosed with an ear and respiratory infection!
We are on 3 kinds of medications, but they seem to be working!
My poor buddy!
Funny story, we got home and he told me he was tired. He went over to Daddy's chair and got a pillow, went all the way upstairs to get his big teddy bear, then went to the closet to get my blanket, and then made himself happy on the floor ...he was asleep in seconds.

This picture just makes me feel so bad for him!
This was his reaction, when I picked him up off the floor and moved him to the couch...he was SO mad at me!
Poor buddy was SO sick...

Ryan fell asleep, playing with his feet.


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