Wii Can Be Fun if You are 85!

On Sunday, we went to Grandma and "Pampaw's" house, to have dinner with Uncle Bob.
Uncle Bob, turned 85 last year...he still travels year round, for the Jesuits!
Dylan, thought it would be fun to teach Uncle Bob, how to play the Nintendo Wii!

Uncle Bob, waiting his turn.

Uncle Bob, "schooled" Dylan in darts!

Ryan found a pair of sun glasses, and entertained himself with them!

"Pampaw", Mikey, and Ryan.
(Mikey started calling Carl, pampaw last week...not sure why it changed.)

Dylan, teaching Uncle Bob how to play golf on the Wii.
Grandma and Mikey

Dylan and Mikey


Ryan and Mommy...his new game is climbing all over me!

Mikey and Dylan, playing boxing.
I can only hope and pray, that I have the good health and energy, that Uncle Bob has, at his glorious age of 85!
He loved playing the Wii, and thought it was a great game!


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