Story Time with Elmo

Leanne invited us to join her family for Elmo's Birthday Party at Borders Book Store.


Mikey and Ryan in their Elmo gear!

We were shocked at the number of people there.
When we arrived, Leanne offered to hold Mikey on her lap, so he could hear the story.

Leanne, Livi, Mommy, and Mikey
Daddy and Ryan walked around the store as they couldn't get the stroller anywhere near the story circle.
(They headed to the cooking section, don't feel bad for them!)



Mikey found crayons and a coloring sheet.
He also decorated a big letter E, with birthday stickers.


Mikey and Livi

"Elmo" cupcakes!

Mikey found a display with school buses, he pulled everyone of them out of the bin, and lined them up in the "garage."

Mikey sitting by the "Monsters," of Where the Wild Things Are.
(Very fitting!)

The poor gal running story time said that they planned for 24 children, and over 50 attended. I felt like giving her a hug as she worked so hard, to keep everyone happy.

Mommy and Daddy were very proud of Mikey, he only had one little melt down, otherwise he was really good. Considering the number of people, and all of the sensory over load, he did a great job listening and following directions!

Thanks Leanne for another great family activity!


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