NT 4th of July Parade 2010

New Town has it's very own parade.
We gathered our stuff and headed out early...
Mikey was really excited, and wanted to know where the fire truck was.

All set up, and enjoying the shade...

Just couldn't contain his excitement...thank goodness the road was blocked off.

Happy 4th of July New Town!

The party float...they were jamming out to Zack Weber!
The Beatniks Bar Float...Do you see Randy, Mel, and Lexi?

Love this car...WWII Veterans!
(Wonder what the lettering did to their paint job?)

Our next door neighbor's have a family float every year, and they won again this year!
Way to go Tim and Christy!

Tim and Christy

Tim...and the motorized beer cooler!

Is it really over??


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