Mikey and Ryan were invited to go to the Zoo, with the Wasem girls; Cassie, Chloe, and Caelyn!
Waiting on Mommy to finish gathering the stuff so we could leave...

"Mommy is it time to go yet?"

Ryan was ready to go to the Zoo!

Mikey and Ryan tossed a few coins into the fountain, and made wishes.


Looking at the Zoo map.

We went to the Children's Museum, and Chloe showed Mikey all of the fun things!
This is one of the "Meerkat Tunnels."

Caelyn and Ryan driving the ranger's jeep.

Caelyn, Mikey, and Chloe waiting for the show to start.

Mikey...I think he has a "crush," on Chloe!

Mikey enjoyed brushing the goats at the Children's Zoo.

"Hey where are you going Mr. Goat?"

Next we went to the Insectarium.
Guess what Mikey got the most excited about?
Huge spiders!

Mikey thought this exhibit about bugs on food..was really gross!

We then headed to the car to eat our lunch.
Caelyn and Mikey were so funny together!
They shared cheese, crackers, and fruit snacks!
***A huge thank you to Cassie for sharing her free passes to the Children's Museum! We had a great time, and can't wait to see you ladies again!***


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