Painting Penguin's

Your Pot*s Desire, hosted an event for preschoolers on MLK Day!
Story Time and Painting, sounded like a great way to have some Mikey and Mommy time!


The story was about a penguin who wanted to know how much was a million, so he went on a quest to find out! (Cute story)

"How Big is a Million?"

The story teller

Mikey with his penguin, paint, and brushes.

Olivia and Chloe

Meghan, Ernie, Olivia, Chloe, Claire, Caelyn, and Mikey... painting their masterpieces.

Mikey was very meticulous when painting, he seriously had a game plan! "The feet are first, then the nose... and the back is black."

Mikey and his painted penguin!

Chloe and Caelyn putting the finishing touches on their penguins.

Caelyn, Chloe, Mikey, Meghan, and Ernie ...Livi was there too!
***Thank to all that attended from the board! It was great to see you Mommas! Mikey enjoyed it!****


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