You've Been Egged

I thought we would "Egg" the Davis' as they have been sick over the last week, and might need a smile.

I stumbled across this idea while on the "One Pretty Thing" website, looking for Easter ideas, for the boys.

I gathered my supplies: Printed poem, stock paper, sticker letters, egg carton, plastic eggs, jelly beans, chocolate eggs, Easter printables, glue, and scissors.

The boys watched as I did the "hard" stuff!

Mikey and Ryan filling the eggs with chocolate and jelly beans!

You've Been Egged!

(Ryan has no less than, 4 jelly beans in his mouth!)

Filled eggs, ready to be hidden in the Davis' yard.

Hiding the eggs as quickly as we can!

Think they saw us?

Parent packet, poem, sign, and egg carton

(we taped down the papers as, it was a windy day.)

We knocked, and ran away as quickly as we could!


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