A Date with a Mouse Named Chuck

For many months, Mikey has been telling us the only thing he wanted to do, was go to Chuckie Chees*e for his birthday...he was adamant!

(I see the place as a sea of germs, and it is just horrible what they charge for pizza and tokens.)

Grandma convinced me that we should go...it was his birthday after all!

So, the 5 of us loaded up the car for our date with the mouse named Chuck...Mikey was thrilled!

Grandma and Mikey


Mikey loved this game, a monster truck squished a car.

Mikey found construction equipment.

Ryan and Grandma had a wild time together!

Mikey and his race horse, in the spirit of the triple crown!

Feeding his tickets into the machine, that counts the tickets...it makes munching sounds, Mikey thought it was hilarious!

Picking out a prize...he selected two spiders and a plastic slinky!


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