Books for Daniel

The Ladies of "St. Louis Babies on the Brain," message board came up with a very loving way to honor 3 year old, Daniel Metz.

"Its quite simple. Purchase a new children's book. Take a picture of your child reading the book. Post the picture on the Books 4 Daniel, FB tribute page. Send or drop off your book, and we will place a sticker in the cover of the book, before donating the book to Rose Acres Elementary."

(The sticker will look like the logo above.)

Mikey and Ryan posed with their books for Daniel.

(The picture is missing 2 of our donated books, kids couldn't hold that many.)

Mikey chose the book about sports records, and Ryan picked the book about patterns, as it had a picture of a cow.

This is the picture that was posted on the tribute page!

Our family will keep the Metz family in our prayers, as their journey has just only begun. May God help them to find peace and strength in the coming days. Amanda you are an amazing mother!


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