Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weber Orchard

Daddy surprised us with a road trip to Weber Orchard.

Ryan and Mikey loved looking at and touching all of the goods harvested locally!

Ryan and Mikey picked out pumpkins.

Ryan was trying to tell us that the pumpkins were orange.

Mikey loves to look at Indian corn, as he is amazed at how many different colors each cob can be.

The gift shop had dinosaur puppets!
Mikey and Daddy stopped to play with them, while Ryan and I just laughed! (Silly guys!)

The boys helped Mike select 4 different varieties of apples, way more than we indented to buy, but they had so much fun selecting them!

Mikey and Ryan, wanted to see how tall they were before we headed home!

*Thanks Daddy for taking us to the orchard, it wasn't your fault that the orchard was picked clean the weekend before! Who knew that it was Johnny Appleseed's birthday, and everyone in the state would come to this orchard? The boys and I had fun any way! Thanks for trying to surprise us!

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