Elf Mischief Night 30 - Pajama Elf

We were introduced to Pajama Elf, from the Fuller family!

A really cute way to get your kids to wear new pajamas, but with an elf twist!

Buddy and Max left the items needed to make reindeer food; a pretty jar with label, magical glitter, and rolled oats.

Max also brought us a Magical Santa Key, that Santa can use to open any door!

This is the candle that we set our for Pajama Elf.

Mikey loved the key, and wanted to try the key for himself, but quickly learned that the key does not fit our locks! I guess that is why Santa has the magic!?

Ryan was fascinated by the jars, and wanted to know why they were empty!

*The idea of pajama elf can be found, here.

*The tag for the Santa key was found here.

*The labels for the jars were found here and here.

*I found the spice jars at Ikea, they can be found here.


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