Feeding the Reindeer & Milk and Cookies

With Santa on his way, there was much to be done for his arrival!
Mikey and Ryan ready to feed the reindeer!

Mikey was really into what he was doing, he would pinch and then sprinkle the oats out on the ground for the reindeer.

Where as Ryan just poured his out on the ground.

Pajama Elf arrived, and left the boys new fire truck pajamas!

Mikey and Ryan then set out the cookies and milk for Santa!

Sadly it was time to say goodbye to Buddy and Max.

Yes, there were tears, and the kids really meant everything the said to their dear friends!

Lastly Mikey, hung the Santa Key on the door!

The boys were so cute, getting ready for Santa Claus!

Mikey made me laugh when he said "We were like Prep & Landing!"


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