Random Thought on Thursday

The boys made me laugh today. Yes, a very simple act, but it made my day!

Mikey and Ryan received several goodies for Valentines Day, but two items stood out. Two mylar balloons and a new "Tom and Jerry" movie; are the two items that my two little monsters some how managed to combine into creative play. The morning started off with a viewing of the new movie, and I couldn't help but smile when I heard their giggles. I would hear Mikey say "Silly cat," or Ryan say something about "Run mouse," but I didn't give these comments much thought. The day progressed, we had lunch and I didn't give it a second thought.

Later in the afternoon, I hear peels of laughter coming from their room. When I peek in, I see that Mikey is on top of his loft bed, with a mylar balloon tied to a monster truck. He then sails the truck over the side of the bed, and watches the monster truck crash to the floor, with the balloon still attached.

I asked Mikey and Ryan what they were up to, just out of curiosity. It took Mikey a few moments to stop laughing, and he tells me "Jerry is in a hot air balloon, trying to get away from the cat named Tom. Ryan is the cat, I am the mouse...can't you tell?" Ryan is giggling and just picks the mylar balloon/monster truck contraption back up and tells his brother, "Again mouse." I just laughed with them, and watched them play for a few minutes, before I left them to play "cat and mouse." Two very simple items, and they brought sheer joy to the boys!

When was the last time you really laughed. Taken something and made it WAY funnier than anyone not in the room, would understand or even smile about. These days we all need to laugh! We need to see the simple things for what they are and find joy and pleasure in their simplicity! Have you laughed today?


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