Random Thoughts on Thursday

We have a battle going on in our home! Ryan can NOT sleep without his pacifier. He loves his "Fy-fy, and he is very attached to it. As he is going to be 3 years old in March, the time has come to say goodbye, to his "best friend."

At Christmas we told him we were going to wrap it up, and give it to Santa to take to the North Pole, to give to a baby elf. We went so far as to put it in a box, wrap it in special holiday paper, and put a tag on it. He was all smiles and with the program, until it came time for bed. Total melt down, and lots of tears. Now way was he sending that pacifier to the North Pole. He was heart broken and devastated. He begged us to unwrap it, so we caved. I just couldn't handle him crying the night before Christmas, I felt horrible!

So, this Sunday morning, he crawled out of bed and had breakfast. (Normal morning...except he did not put his pacifier away.) He always wakes up, and puts it away in the top drawer of the dresser. I found the thing much later in the day, sitting all by itself mindlessly left alone. I snatched the thing up, and hid it in my room! At bed time, he stuck his pudgy little hand in the drawer, to find that it was missing. I asked him where it was and he replied with "I not know." (Ryan's way of saying, I do not know.) I told him we better look for it, and we went room to room looking for it. He whimpered, but relented and told me we could look again in the morning. It was a long night...he cried, and finally just passed out while Mike held him. We are now 4 days in, and he still is miserable!!! He is seriously grieving the loss of his dear friend and source of comfort. He just looks so sad, and talks about his "Fy-fy," all day long. He has a blanket, and is just as attached to it. He will leave his blanket on his bed, but I find him using it in his creative play. So, he has another source of comfort, and snuggles every night with it.

Mikey did not go through this, he bit though his one day, and just told me to throw it away. It was that simple and easy. So, I am at a loss for words, and not sure how long this will last for Ryan.

How long did it take for your little one to get over not sleeping with a pacifier?


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