Thoughts About Leap Day and Prayers

Tomorrow is a Leap Day, the rare event that only happens every 4 years at the end of February. I have read some amazing blogs, that have asked, "What will you do with your extra day?" It is a great question, and one that I normally would have let the boys throw on crazy costumes, eaten half of a cheese cake in celebration, or served dinner in a formal dress just because it was a special day! An extra day... I mean the ideas are endless!!

Our family, this Leap Day is asking for prayers instead; as my mother in law, Linda will have surgery.

Linda has Crohn's Disease, and has lived with it for 33 years. She has dealt with more long term pain, than I could ever imagine. (My mother in law, spent last summer in the hospital, after a minor procedure lead to a massive infection.) Although she is strong willed and has never allowed her body to get the best of her; there are times that the body just doesn't respond well to surgery and exposure. She has so much to teach us all; as I am just in awe of her journey and humbled by all she has handled with grace!

So today I ask you to join me as I pray:

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you prior to Linda's surgery and ask for Your intersessions:
  • Be with the doctors, nurses, and technicians who will be involved in the surgery. Guide their hands to find and repair the damage to her digestive system. Understanding that this is not an easy task, after the many years of scar tissue that is present. Help them to work to the best of their knowledge and ability, as we know her case is "special and difficult." (Linda finds humor that this is written in her medical record.)
  • Be with the post operative staff, as Linda is a pistol and will want to go home as soon as possible. Guide the nurses to find love and humor in her sauciness! Help them to be patience and understanding!
  • Be with my Father-in-law Carl as he awaits news from the medical staff, help him to find peace during the long hours while he waits. Help Dad, to learn everything he can to help Mom through the long recovery process. Help him to hold down the fort while Momma is away from home. Be with him as he cares for our nephew Dylan, in Moms absence. Most of all comfort Carl as he will be there to love and support Mom, in the only way a spouse can.
  • Be with our nephew Dylan, as he worries about Grandma! He is a wonderful young man, and at 12 years old, I am amazed at how mature he is! Dylan needs your help to focus on school, band, volleyball, and basketball. Be with him as he performs his first major saxophone solo, without Grandma being there to watch with awe and pride. Remind him that it is okay to ask questions, and to be scared or worried. (We all are...) Help him to understand that she is in the best hands, and the doctors know her case! Let him know that Grandma will come home! Stay with him, wrap your arms around him as only you can Lord.
  • Be with my Husband Mike, as I know he wants to be there with his Mom and family in person. Comfort Mike, and remind him of the skills and knowledge of the medical staff. Help him to get updates as quickly as they are available. Remind us all of your unending love and peace, at times like this.
  • Most of all Father, we want to pray for Linda. Stay close to her, especially during and after the surgery. Give her words of peace, understanding, and comfort in making the decision to have the surgery in the first place. You know her Father, you have seen her struggles, and know her pain like only You can understand. Help her to stay infection free, so that we do not repeat last summer. Heal her as only You can, quickly and as pain free as possible. Help her to learn about the next stage of her life, and what it will mean. Be with her as she will be in the hospital for a minimum of five to seven days, help her to know that Carl and Dylan, are surviving at home. Comfort her and remind her of those who love her, during the hours of loneliness or boredom. Most of all Father return her to us, better than when she went in!
We ask these things in your Son Jesus' name,

The great news is that Dr. David Margolis, her Gastroenterologist, has been with Linda for 30 years, and knows her case very well. He will take care of her and we are all beyond thankful for his care and love for Mom. (How many doctors give out their personal cell phone numbers and call within 15 minutes of getting a message from a patient??) We are humbled by his attention to detail and understanding of her case! Thank the Lord for, Dr. Margolis and his staff.

So, on this Leap Day as your family finds your own way to acknowledge this rare day that only happens every four years, will you take a second to pray for my Mother-in-law, Linda Fortner?

*What is Crohn's Disease? Information can be found at the Crohn's Colitis Foundation of America's website.


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