Blog Dare: 116

Today's Prompt: If I found $20 in my purse, I would buy...

If I found $20 in my purse or that I stashed away some where, I would buy or treat myself to:

1. A pedicure - Can you say pampering? Every Momma needs it!

2. Cupcakes! I am having serious cupcake withdrawals, and there is French Toast cupcake from the Flavor Cupcakery that is calling my name! (Yes, that is bacon on top!)

3. Sandals - I wore my last pair till they fell apart. I need a new pair, and want something fun that has a splash of color.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I think I could break away from the guys for a few hours, and splurge. Yes I know $20, is not much, but it would be a fun little challenge, and I know I am up for it. What would you spend twenty bucks on? How would you treat yourself on a budget?
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