Friday, June 1, 2012

How Do you Save for a Disney Trip?

Thanks to some brilliant television commercials, Mikey has been begging to go to Walt Disney World. He started a few months ago, and I just didn't know how to explain to him that a trip like that takes planning and smart saving. I thought the idea of a "Disney Fund," jar might help him to understand that if we save our loose change, this time next year we might get to meet Mickey Mouse.

I gathered the supplies need to decorate our Disney Fund jar:
  • recycled plastic jar
  • Disney stickers
  • Disney ribbon
  • Disney paint color samples

I applied the Disney stickers, as the cut outs were so intricate. I really liked the way that the silhouette shapes, allowed the light and later the coins to show through.

 I found that the center of the Disney paint color chip separated from the card, so I carefully removed the color sample from each card.

 I then gathered the remaining supplies, so that the boys could have some fun! All that was needed was white glue, to adhere the Mickey shape to the jar.

 Mikey and Ryan then had fun spreading the glue, and sticking the shapes to the jar.

 The boys did a great job, all I had to do was rub down the corners of the shapes that needed a little extra glue. I then wiped off the excess glue, and the additional glue finger prints.

 I love the end result, it turned out so cute!

We then talked to the boys about saving all of our pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters. Daddy showed the coins one by one to the boys, and asked what each coin was, and and its value? Ryan  understood that it took five pennies to make a nickle, and counted out 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Mikey then asked if Daddy had any coins he was willing to donate? The kids loved hearing each coin hit the bottom of the jar! Ryan asked how long it would take to fill it? Mikey wanted to know if one jar filled, would be enough to meet Mickey Mouse? I think they have the basic idea down.

How does your family save for your Disney trip? Do you set money aside or include your children in saving? What ways have you used to explain the value of coins or paper money? Are you going to Disney in the next year?

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  1. What a fantastic idea! Love how you made the process a learning experience too. Great way to learn about $$. We can't wait to bring the boys to Disney. When they are a little bit older we will start saving.

  2. Cute Jar! We did this too with the girls.