Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog Dare: 138

Today's Prompt: A tech gadget I am secretly coveting...

A few tech gadgets that I am secretly coveting are the Kindle Fire,  Etrex GPS, Photoshop elements, and the Gorillapod Tripod. Bloggers have many tricks and tools of the trade that greatly improve their blog, and they are really fun to work with.

Kindle Fire - I am an avid reader, and my mom loves hers, so I want one too! There are some many ebooks out there, and many on the topic of blogging that I can't wait to read!
Source: amazon.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

GPS Etrex - Have you heard of Geocaching? I really want to take the boys, as it involves hiking and treasure. A friend of our does this with his children, and I have been waiting for the boys to get just a little older, and I think we are finally ready to introduce this family activity to the boys. (Yes, I know my cell phone has this ability, but I want something that the boys can hold, and not worry about my phone.)

Photoshop Elements - I have wanted this software for a few years, as I really would love to enhance and play with the photos I am taking. I was just reminded how important it is to watermark my photos, and this is something I must start doing!
Source: amazon.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Gorillapod Tripod - Danielle Smith of Danielle Smith Media, suggested this tripod as it is inexpensive, and works really well for close ups or product reviews while vlogging. It can be manipulated and moved, stores easily and can be used on any surface according to Danielle.
Source: amazon.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Sony Alpha A230 Starter Kit - I have yet to buy additional batteries, filters, or another lens for my Sony A230. I love my camera, but have never bought anything more to add to my camera bag, since it was purchased. I would love to try new a lens, and I found this kit with batteries and more! (You  can never have enough back up batteries.)
Source: amazon.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Have you had your eye on a gadget? Have you found any tools that has improved your blog? Has a gadget encouraged family fun? What gadget would you suggest to a new blogger?

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