Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blog Dare:124

Today's Prompt: My first doll...

I do not have any pictures with my first doll, but I have seen letters written to Santa, asking for a baby doll! The doll that really stands out was a "life sized," baby doll that was given to me by my Grandma. My two cousins, Dawn and Erica, and I carried them every where with us. I recall them being heavy to carry around with my small stature, but they were so cool. Even if I spent the night with my cousins, I brought the doll along, as she went every where with me.

My CPK and I, playing in the rain at a BBQ

The doll that was the be all and end all was my Cabbage Patch Kid. (I wanted one so badly!!!) When I finally saw her, she was perfect and she always had a place of great honor, in the middle of my bed. I spent hours playing with her, and loved her very much. She had brown hair made of yarn, and I loved dressing her in all of my old clothes. I carried her around every where, even when I shouldn't have. She was my dearest friend, and kept all of my secrets!  

Did you play with dolls? Did you have a Cabbage Patch Kid, during the era when every child just had to have one? Do you still have one or know where they are stored at your parents home? 

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