Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog Dare: 158 - Summer is so...

Today's Prompt: Summer is so...

Summer is so fun! Summer, is well...summer! It means it is time for adventure, and time spent together trying new things as a family. Summer means finding a way to relax and enjoy the sounds of the warm summer nights. It means not rushing, and stopping to enjoy the simplicity of lemonade and BBQ. Summer means relaxing in the sun near a source of water!

Summer is also annoying, as I unfortunately cant "enjoy," summer as much as some of my family members. I have to be slathered in sun block, bring layers of clothing, and stay in the shade. I had a wicked reaction to the Florida sun, while on a family vacation in 1997, and ended up with sun poisoning. For some reason, I still blister, get dizzy, and nauseous if I am in the sun unprotected for any length of time. It is a huge bummer, as I have always wanted to be a beach bunny and just lay in the sun frying like bacon. I just cant do it, without making myself ill...so it is just easier to follow doctors orders and bring all of my sun protective gear.

We will see how the boys do as they grow up. Mikey has really fair and sensitive skin, and had a reaction to a sun block last summer. Ryan seems to do much better in the sun, but the poor kid is always slathered with sun block. It just seems very strange to me, as I was always out in the sun, without a care in the world, as a child. My mom rarely put sun block on us, and now I cant imagine sending the kids outside without it.

Does your family turn into red lobsters in the sun? Have a favorite sun block? If you have plans to travel to the beach, what items do you take to protect your family from the sun?

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