Friday, June 8, 2012

Blog Dare: 161 - They think I dont know

Today's Prompt: They think I don't know...

There is a fifteen to thirty minute window, each night that the boys need to settle down as they lay in their beds before they close their eyes. It is really sweet the nights that they just lay there and recap  their day. They think I don't know about their sweet brotherly chats, but I love to sit out in the hall and listen in.  

Just last night I over heard Mikey and Ryan have the following chat:

Mikey: Ryan did you have a good day?
Ryan: No
Mikey: Why we played outside?
Ryan: We didn't get any cake...

Ummm, okay? Ryan must have thought we were having cake for some reason? But its chats like this that remind me that they are friends, and that Mikey does truly care for his little brother.

Have you caught your kids chatting, and it melts your heart? Have you listened in just to see what little things they chat about?
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