{Book Review} Help Your Kids Get Better Grades

HELP YOUR KIDS GET BETTER GRADES is the first grade improvement book of its kind for middle and high school students and their parents. It covers critical learning, studying and testing skills rarely taught in U.S. schools and colleges. It is short, easy to read, understand and implement. This book covers the basics you absolutely need to know in order to become a successful student.
Learn How To:
  1. Implement a proven learning, studying, and testing method.
  2. Make sure your high school transcript qualifies you for college or advanced training.
  3. Find out what learning style best suits your personality.
  4. Properly stock and set up your study places.
  5. Find out your reading speed and ways to increase it, while improving retention.
  6. Adopt an easy-to-use and maintain note-taking system for lectures and readings.
  7. Discover proven strategies for preparing for and doing well on test and exams.
  8. Reference the most helpful study guides and websites.
  9. Review dozens of related topics that will help you become a successful student.
  10. Monitor and evaluate student progress.
I can't but think of my nephew as he heads into 8th grade this year, as this book would be a great way to kick off a great year of focused learning. He has always been a good student, but as this year is the final year prior to high school, I know that this will be his most challenging year to date. In a time when there are many distractions, a book that clearly spells out what to focus on is a key to a successful year. There are numerous tips and suggestions such as: how to avoid stress, listening for content, note-taking, and where and how to study. It is suggested that the parents read the book , first and then share the book with your student, answer any questions, and then start a year of great grades and success!
Gary E. Howard was a teacher and administrator at the high school and college level for thirty-five years. Although he turned down the appointment as President of one college, he served as the Dean of Instruction at two others. After he retired, he vowed he would try to find out why U.S. students test below those in most other industrialized countries. He spent several years reading and reviewing most of the grade-improvement books currently available, and researched what educational system is followed in other industrialized countries. Most of these countries follow the British system of education, because most were colonized by the British. This system follows a simple philosophy: How can you expect students to learn if you do not teach them how to learn first? It also stresses learning, studying and testing skills at all levels of education. Mr. Howard decided to write a short book using this information that would help parents mentor their kids. It would also provide instruction on these three skills and cover the best ideas gained from his review of the grade-improvement books.

Check out WantBetterGrades.com or Amazon for details or purchasing in bulk.

*I was not compensated for this review. I was sent the book to read and review, all opinions on the book are my own.

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