Guest Post: Back to School Wreath

Check out, were I was asked to share a craft tutorial guest post! Thank you Cassie for asking me to guest post, it was a fun family project that I cant wait to share with all of you!

Guest Post: Back to School Wreath

finished crayon wreath by greeneyed momma
As a family, we made a welcome back to school gift for my son’s Kindergarten teacher. We wanted to find a simple craft project to kick off the school year, and spend some time as a family. Each family member took part in this craft, and I am pleased to report the teacher loved it. (She also asked if I was one of “those,” moms!?!) She must not have been able to contain her excitement, due to being in such close proximity of an awesome crafter and super mom!
Crayon Wreath supplies
Back 2 School – Crayon Wreath
Craft Supply list:
12″ embroidery hoop
8″ embroidery hoop
3 boxes of 24 count crayons
hot glue gun and 2 or 3 sticks of hot glue
painted wood cutouts (school bus and apples)
painted letters
floral wire
My Helper and the supplies ready
1. Have your child sort the crayons and select the colors to be used for your wreath.
2. Place the 8″ hoop inside the 12″ hoop with equal distance between all edges.
3. Using a ruler and a pencil, mark each hoop into 4 equal sections.
4. Arrange the crayons along the 2 hoops, to see how to line up your crayons on the hoops
Wreath Form Set Up
5. Hot glue the crayons to the hoops, find a common letter or line on the crayon wrapper to affix the hot glue.
Hot Gluing Crayons to Wreath Form
6. Once your crayons are all hot glued to the hoops, you can now use wooden cutouts or wooden lettering to add the teacher’s name or additional decoration.
7. Use floral wire to make a hanger for a hook, if you are unsure of where the wreath will be hung. (Some fire doors will not support a ribbon hung wreath.)
8. Finish the wreath with ribbon, either as a final touch or as a way to hang the wreath.Crayon Wreath 057

Tips and Hints:
· Keep the unglued crayons arranged on the hoops, as it will keep the spacing.
· You might want to find a 6-7” round bowl or round jar to place inside of the center hoop, to help guide the ends of the crayons. That way you have a better guide to help maintain spacing and an even circle as you are gluing.
· We wrote the name of the school on the school bus, and added the year on the apples for a personal touch with a black sharpie.
· Shop the back to school sales! (I purchased three boxes of crayons for 25 cents each!)

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