{CLOSED Giveaway} Barely There® $250 Bra & Panty Wardrobe

Congratulations to Brianna N., 
thank you to all that entered! 

As a busy mom of two wild boys, I cannot tell you the last time I took the time to really focus 100% on myself and purchase a bra! I would love to tell you that I have a boudoir filled with lacy things, and I feel so beautiful while wearing them. Lets get real, I have two bras and I cannot tell you when or where they were purchased! (One is black and the other is nude, neither is lacy or frilly.)  I would also love to tell you, that I know these questionable bras fit perfectly. I can recall being measured and fitted before I had children, and the "knowledgeable" woman suggested a bra that would solve all of my concerns. Having a large bust line; I know all about popping out, bulging, rubbing, underwire battles, and constantly fiddling with my straps. Once again, I thought because I had spent a large amount way back when, that I was wearing a bra that fit properly.

In November I had the joy of attending the Social Media Mom Mixer, held in Philadelphia and learned about Barely There® intimates. I saw a group of ladies at a booth, and I wondered what the excitement was all about. I soon found out that they were giving away bras and panties, and offering measurements. I was honestly leery, as I have NEVER had a proper fitting under garment. I greeted the ladies of Barely There® and expected to be handed a sample, and sent on my way. I was in complete awe, as I was personally measured and fitted. I was given several quick lessons about why my current bra, did not fit...meaning I was bulging out of my cup size, and my breasts were unsupported near the underwire line. (What? Are you kidding?!!) I was shocked to learn that I was in the wrong cup size, and wearing a bust line sized bra that was two sizes too big! The ladies of Barely There® answered all of my questions, wrote down my measurements, and suggested where I could purchase them.

 The ladies of Barely There® shared a few tips with me, let me share with you what I learned:
  1. Just because it is expensive, doesn't mean a bra fits.
  2. Not all bras are the same, meaning you MUST try them on!
  3. Trying to decide if your bra fits? Lift your hands above your head, and do a little dance. (You should not have a ton of movement if you have the correct cup and bust line size.)
  4. Your cup size can change, especially after breast feeding or having children.
  5. You should NOT be uncomfortable, your bra should be almost unnoticeable.

This is where I tell you how I fell in love with the CustomFlex Fit® Reversible Pullover bra! Underwire free, comfortable, soft, and a perfect fit; it is the bra I have always dreamed of. Once I had dressed and took a look in the mirror, I didn't see any spilling or popping out! For this Mom, that is a huge deal! 

Barely There® has some amazing shapewear, that will reduce and minimize the areas you are seeking to slim down. For me, it doesn't matter what type of shirt, blouse, or top I am wearing I have the "Momma Belly," it is the one area that I am most self conscious about! I tried on the Second Skinnies™ Smoothers Waist Whittling Hi-Waist Boxer, and I was beyond pleased that the jeans I have been trying to wear fit perfectly! I was missing the pooch, and I looked smooth and slim! Very exciting, and I could not wait to wear them out.
Underwear has always been an issue for me. I am not a fan of granny panties, and cannot deal with under garments that creep and crawl. I now have a collection of panties that are seamless, tagless, and do not show a panty line through my jeans! Each of the panties I tried were flawless and so comfortable, everything I was looking for in a panty from Barely There®

Want to win a Wardrobe valued at $250 from Barely There® ? Enter below, and Barely There® will send you new bras, panties, and shapewear to your doorstep!

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USA addresses only (No P.O. Box) Winner will be contacted by email, and product sent directly from Barely There®  once home address and phone number has been provided. Winner has 48 hours to respond, before another winner is selected.

Barely There can be found on Facebook and Twitter, (hashtag #barelythere) check them out for great information on a proper fit and where to find them in stores! They are currently running the Barely There® Double Take game on their website, for daily prizes!

*I was not compensated for this review, all opinions are my own. I met with and was selected by Barely There® at the Social Media Mom Mixer to win a $250 wardrobe, and to host a giveaway for one of my readers.
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  1. I like the Silhouette Slimming Slip!

  2. I like the Barely There CustomFlex Fit® Reversible Pullover Bra

  3. i would love the Tush n Tummy Toning Torset Romper or the High-Low Slimming Slip!

  4. Gosh, I would love new underthings!!!I like the Barely There CustomFlex Fit® Reversible Pullover Bra . It looks so comfy!

  5. I would love the Second Skinnies™ Smoothers Waist Whittling Hi-Waist Boxer

  6. I would love any item, but the Body Smoothin' BodySuit looks amazing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. What I need most is the Invisible Look
    Underwire with Lift bras

    April C.

  8. This looks pretty amazing! I could really use a few new bras, and definitely some new panties. My email is jmfriedo[at]gmail[dot]com.

  9. I love the pull over bra. But am in need of a body suit!

  10. I would like to try the Body Smoothin' Convertible Slip
    since I wear so many dresses and skirts. I don't wear shapeware, but probably should!

  11. Was looking at the reversible pullover bra today.... hearing about your experience with it, I think I will have to try that one out for sure!

  12. cant wait to find them and actually see one. Love the idea of the pullover bra!

  13. Would love to win this! Love Barely there! Why? B/c it is truly Barely there!

  14. I would love to win this! I too have had a battle with finding the right bra, but I have decided that wirefree is the best for me and the most comfortable! I'm excited about the CustomFlex Fit® Reversible Pullover bra because I need a good bra that offers comfort and support. And, I don't have any shapewear, but have been wanting to get some hide my flaws, lol! :)

    1. I went to the website and I also love the CustomFlex Fit® Get Cozy™ bra, CustomFlex Fit™ Hipster, and CustomFlex Fit™ Bikini!

  15. I love Barely There! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  16. This would be the perfect thing for me after I have my 3rd child. I love the Barely There brand and how comfortable the products are.

  17. This would be the perfect thing for me after I have my 3rd child. I love the Barely There brand and how comfortable the products are.

  18. Second Skinnies™ Slimmers
    Silhouette Slimming Slip

  19. I would love the High-Low Slimming Slip

    Entered the Rafflecopter form as "Wild Orchid"

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  20. The Second Skinnies™ Smoothers Waist Whittling Hi-Waist Boxer sounds awesome!

  21. I'd love to have the Invisible Look® Balconette Underwire Style #4327. It's so pretty!

  22. Just love Barely There products. They really are the most comfortable one's out there.

  23. The size chart is accurate, barely there panties are meant to fit perfectly, but not tight.


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