PS...Pneumonia Sucks

Pneumonia sucks. I have no other pretty or eloquent word to explain how I feel about this illness. It is hard to watch someone whom you love struggle to breath, hack, and cough. Mike is now receiving the breathing treatments, antibiotics, and oxygen he dearly needed! What might have started out as a basic head cold, became a monster over 7 days and became something we never asked for! He has a long road ahead of him, but we are on the road to recovery and healing! Pneumonia just sucks all around.

I am thankful for his nurse, Karen, who brought His and Hers ice water, while we were waiting for the next round of medication. She managed to turn a frustrating situation, (No children under the age of 12 are allowed at the hospital) into a open line of communication after a scary 10 hours of zero updates! She had the doctor call and talk with me, as Mike was so winded and couldn't talk over the phone. Karen went above and beyond, and I am so thankful for her bedside manner and taking the time to care for my spouse while I could not be with him.

The Davis family offered to watch the boys, so I could run back up to the hospital! Thanks guys, the kids had a blast playing and were so happy when I picked them up! I know they are worried about Daddy, so this was a huge help!
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  1. Poor Mike. I have been thinking of you guys since you told me he has it. I hope he is getting better and finally home with you guys. Big Hugs!


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