{Book Review} The BIG BAD WOLF Goes On Vacation

The BIG BAD WOLF is back—and funnier (but not scarier) than ever! 

A wolf deserves a vacation too! Bernard, the ferociously funny wolf and clever, cookie-munching hero of Delphine Perret's award-winning book, certainly thinks so. So when he learns that his pal Louis is vacationing by the sea with his grandpa, Bernard wants to go too. He promises not to eat any children along the way (he’s a vegetarian).

Soon they're off on a wacky road trip complete with car seats filled with cookie crumbs and lots of laughs along the way.  The trip culminates with the perfect day on the beach where the three joyfully race into the sea. 

Vacation tips from the big bad wolf:
  • Don’t eat the children (you’ll have no one to play with!)
  • Be kind to Grandma and Grandpa because they buy you ice cream
  • Always use sunblock and sunglasses on the beach (to prevent pre-mature wolf aging!)
  • Try not to get cookie crumbs on the car seat

My boys loved The Big Bad Wolf Goes On Vacation! My four year old loved the simplicity of the pictures, and my six year old loved the humor! Be prepared for laughs and silliness, as the story weaves the tale of Bernard, The Big Bad Wolf. Did you know that the Big Bad Wolf is a vegetarian and loves cookies? Follow along as Bernard goes to the beach for the first time, faces a few challenges, and learns a few things on the way! Two thumbs up from this family, as we couldn't stop laughing!

You can find The Big Bad Wolf Goes On Vacation at Barnes & Noble. Follow on Facebook or Twitter with the hash tag #BBWVacation.

*I received a copy of the book for my personal review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
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