Monsters University Releases in Theaters TODAY!

I was invited to see Monsters University, on Tuesday, at an advance screening, and loved it! There are so many great things to share with you, I will try to contain my excitement as I write!  Make sure you are there with plenty of time for the previews, as you will be treated to an extended clip for Planes, a preview of Frozen, and the big release of the Blue Umbrella!

I thought the Pixar Short Film, Blue Umbrella, was artfully done, and was a feast for the eyes! The tale was unexpected, as every day objects draw you into the story and you cannot help but cheer for the Blue Umbrella, on his quest for love. (Look for the rain gutter, he was my favorite in this amazing short film.)


Monsters University, blew me away! It was beyond what I had hoped for, as I write this I cannot wait to take my 6 year old! He has asked what my favorite part was, and there are just too many, to select just one favorite scene  I promise I will not reveal any spoilers, so that you can enjoy the film just as much as I did!

I will tell you that I love Mike, and the opening sequence! There is something so adorable about an awkward youth in braces, and a heart filled with dreams as big as the solar system! The desire to fit in, seeking inspiration, and having a huge heart; are all things I see in my own children and something I identified with as a very nerdy little girl!

You will love the brothers of Oozma Kappa, and each of their colorful personalities! Find humor in the house mom, and I dare you to not giggle each time she appears in this film. I promise you a brotherhood and bond, that will remind you of your own family. The brothers of Oozma Kappa band together, and train for the Scare Games, just like any other Greek week challenge, but I promise you you have never competed in games like these!

Take your family to see this film! Monsters University would be a great way to avoid the heat of the first day of summer! Go and cheer for your favorite monster!


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MONSTERS UNIVERSITY releases in theaters TODAY!

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