Sunday, August 11, 2013

{Review} mophie juice pack powerstation™ #Verizon

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Verizon Wireless. I received a loaned product to facilitate my review, so I could share my experience with my readers.
The mophie juice pack powerstation from Verizon Wireless, is a quick charge external battery for smartphones, tablets and portable gaming devices.
The mophie juice pack powerstation™ is a rechargeable 400 mAh external battery. It is specially designed to provide a high output of power that allows for rapid charging. The powerstation can switch between 500mAh, 1 amp, or 2.1 amps, which makes it compatible with virtually any USB-charged device in the world.


  • Rechargeable battery - 400mAh power capacity that provides a high output of power for rapid charging
  • Lightweight, compact size - Allows for easy portability for charging on the go anytime, anyplace Switch charging output Able to switch between 500mAH, 1 amp, and 2.1 amps
  • Compatible with virtually all USB-charged devices (Uses your device's USB cable, sold separately)
This summer I attended two social media conferences, and was thrilled to have a mophie juice pack powerstation™ from Verizon Wireless, with me at all times. I didn't want to miss a single moment of either conference;  and found the charging solution I was looking for! I never went looking for an outlet, or had to worry about battery life!

While attending a session, I made mention to those with whom I was sharing a table, that I had a mophie juice pack powerstation, and offered anyone at the table the ability to charge their USB devices, while we listened to the current speaker. I was very delighted that several took me up on the offer, and gave a smile once their devices quickly charged! Little did I know, that one of the ladies who was at the table, was one of the speakers in the next session!  She nearly jumped from the table in excitement, as she was waiting for a text from the moderator, with updated time allowance information....but her smart phone was quickly fading! She was able to get more than enough juice, to get the text she was waiting on, and find out that her time was extended an extra 15 minutes! She hugged me, and quickly stepped out of the room, to take a few minutes to prepare her thoughts! It was a very simple act of kindness, but I was able to help in a small way! Whoo hoo, mophie made my conference experience a breeze, and saved the day for a speaker! 

Have you ever worried about how you would charge your device on the go? Want to know more about Verizon Wireless and the great accessories that will pair with your devices?
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*I was loaned a product, from Verizon Wireless,  for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any way, or asked to speak about the company. All thoughts and opinions about the product are 100% my own.
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