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I'm the Momma of two very active boys, wife of 20 years, baker, reader, photographer, craft enthusiast, lover of trivia, BSA Wood Badge Eagle patrol member, and blogger . I live for my family, and the time spent with them. I am the first to admit that I have zero athletic ability, but I am the best side line fan ever! I will cheer for the home team until I loose my voice, but just don't ask me to play! This blog started as a way to share pictures of the boys with family, but has evolved to become my greatest project to date!
My best friend is a gadget guru, and lover of sports. He lives for family, St. Louis Cardinal baseball, a good meal, relaxation, and the next exciting gizmo or way to connect in social media. Mike is the first one to help those in need, or step up to get the job done.

Michael Jr:
Our first born, fearless, busy, and loud 11 year old is a lover of all things science, sports, and the great outdoors! He spends hours collecting, exploring, and discovering the world around us.

Our youngest, curious, creative, 9 year old loves building things, and anything with wheels!  He is the first to hit the dance floor, and has a heart of gold. Just don't tell him that he can't do something, because he will try until he masters the challenge!

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