Halloween 2009

Trick or Treating with Dylan, Grandma Fortner, Daddy, and Ryan; made Mikey a VERY happy boy.
Grandma heard through the grape vine, that a street is closed in Old Towne Florissant, and that she was taking Dylan there this year, and invited us to join them.
Taking pictures of a very excited 2 year old, was a challenge, but these are the best out of 115 pictures. Enjoy!
Dylan - Ryan - Mikey
Dylan was Dracula ( I love the fangs!)
Dylan, was amazing with Mikey!
He held his hand, and reminded Mikey to say "Trick or Treat and Thank you!"
Jefferson Street, was completely blocked off to traffic, so it was perfect for Trick or Treating!
Each yard, was decorated, it was really fun.
The kids loved it!
Mikey & Dylan
Ryan the Lion

Mikey, couldn't wait to pour out his pumpkin bucket, to take inventory of his candy.
He told me, that I couldn't have any, as it was all his and he was sharing with Daddy.
Mike and Mikey

It was a great Halloween!

Thanks to everyone, who made it a fun night for the kids!


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