A Fireman and a Lion

When Mikey, chose to be a Fireman for Halloween, we knew we had visit Grandpa Lee at the Spanish Lake Fire House!

Ryan - Mikey - Grandma


Mikey and Daddy
Mikey and Ryan, sitting in Pa-pa's locker.

When we arrived, Grandpa had just left to go to the grocery store.
We waited in the garage, to watch the truck pull in.
Mikey loved the HUGE garage door.
Mikey and Pa-pa. Grandpa, was showing Mikey, the air tank trailer.

Ryan, sitting in Grandpa's fire helmet.


Grandpa and the Junior fireman; Mikey!


Pa-pa and Mikey, with their oxygen tanks!

Grandpa - Ryan - Mikey


Pa-pa and Ryan

Ryan, chewing on a Tootsie Roll package

Mikey and Ryan
Grandma and Ryan

Thank you Grandpa, for the visit, and the treats! Thank you Grandma, for driving in to see the boys. Mikey and Ryan had a great time at the fire house. As, we were getting into the car, Mikey asked if it was time to get candy! "Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something to eat." (He forgets the "good" part, every time!

Bring on the Trick or Treating!


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