Brian Returns From Kuwait and Adien's 4th Birthday Party

Uncle Brian, (my baby brother) flew into St. Louis on Friday.
He has been in Kuwait, and returned to the US last week.
Jessi, Cooper, and Brian all came to Aiden's 4th birthday party!

Brian - Jenny - Jason

Ryan and Mikey playing with blocks.
Mikey tried to get Ryan to build a bridge, but all he wanted to do was chew on it...


Brian and Jessica

Mikey and Cooper

Grandma Lee and Mikey

Mikey found Thomas the a box, inside Aiden's closet...
Gosh, my kid loves Thomas!

Pa-pa wanted to play with the grand he climbed up the swing set too!

Pa-pa and Mikey at the slide

Mikey inside the bounce house

Mikey loved bouncing

He had a blast!

This is Mikey, telling me he was not ready to leave the bounce house.

Ryan and Grandma

Mikey and Cooper, loved all of the cool out side play toys.

Mikey and his "hot-rod."
He was not happy that it didn't go any faster than his feet could peddle.

Brian and Cooper


Brian - Dad - Jason

Brian - Jenny - Dad - Jason
It was a great day. It has been, way too long, since we were all together.


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