Godfrey Corn Maze

We went to the Godfrey Corn Maze, on Sunday.

Daddy, was able to join us.

We met Leanne, Aaron, and Olivia.

(As well as other Mommies from, Mommy's internet group.)

Mommy - Mikey - Daddy

(Ryan was there too, just sound asleep in the stroller, snug as a bug!)

Mikey & Daddy

Mikey wasn't sure about the "Corn Crib..."

Once he found out, that it was a sand-box, but with corn kernels...he loved it!

A sea of corn!

Ewww, Mommy, it's a corn cob.

It was very hard to get the kids to sit still...


Mikey & Mommy

The orange tractor!

Mikey in the hay wagon

The hay ride tractor had a flat tire, but Mikey wanted to drive it any way!

There was a little mix up with the Dragon tractor ride, so Daddy had to kiss away Mikey's tears.

(Mommy, had to go buy tickets...Mikey was already buckled in...)

John Deere tractor

Mikey was ready to go!

Yes, folks...that's Mommy on the ride too.

Who knew that my butt, does in fact fit into a small hole, in a 50 gallon drum!?!

Mikey on the Dragon tractor ride, around the park and corn maze.

Yes, Ryan was there...he just slept thru every thing.

Corn field

Daddy, Ryan, and Mikey in the corn maze.

Corn maze geniuses!

It only took 10 minutes for Daddy and Mikey to navigate out of the corn maze!

Great job guys!

Corn mazes are exhausting fun...he passed out before we pulled out of the park!


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