MO Chip...Getting the Boys Finger Printed

We met Grandma and Dylan at the Egan Center in Florissant, early on Saturday morning, to get the boys finger printed.
This is a free program that the Missouri Freemason's started.

Grandma, thought it would be a good idea, for Dylan to show the boys how it worked.
This is Dylan, getting his 3 pictures taken.

Mikey, watched...but still not 100% on board with the idea.

Mikey is now 2 feet tall and 30 pounds.

Ryan waiting his turn.

Mommy had to hold Mikey, as he did NOT like the idea of having his finger prints taken.
It was all digital, and all done by computers.

The last step in the process was the scariest, as they put a piece of foam into the mouth to get a dental impression of the teeth.
Needless, to say this did NOT go well....Grandma bribed him with money!
Still didn't get a full impression, but a half set and a DNA sample.
Dylan, Mikey, and Ryan all did well, considering what they had to go through! Thanks cousin Dylan for being a HUGE help with Mikey!

Ryan and Michael's completed packets.
It includes 3 pictures, finger prints, DNA sample, complete contact information, and a CD with all of the information.
Thank you MO Freemasons for a great free child identification program.


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