New Years Day

New Year's Day, the 4 of us headed over to Aunt Linda and Uncle John's house; in the snow, to their annual open house.
Ryan was having a "hair raising" kind of day.

Mikey and Papa watching the fish, in the fish tank.

Grandma and Ryan in front of their HUGE tree.

Mikey, made himself right at home.

What is with Ryan and Slinky's?
(It was the first toy he pulled out of the toy basket.)

Mikey and Grandma playing on the staircase.

Mikey playing basketball.

Mikey playing the slots, for tokens money here!
(All in good fun.)

Ryan wanted in on the slots too...

Mikey, as you can imagine, did NOT want to leave the basement and the game room. Getting him upstairs was NOT fun, we had to bribe him with cake...

Uncle John, Aunt Linda, and Caitlin...are VERY dear friends of our family. Thank you for the great food and company on New Years Day, always a great time.


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