Crafts and Construction

We had a huge FAIL this morning...Mikey does NOT like arts and crafts!
We went to the local craft store to do one of their free events.
The lady was very organized, very good with small children, had a place mat with instructions, the activity was geared for Mikey's age...and yet he did not like the activity!
He rolled out his "Pluffy," dough, made the required shapes...and then told the lady "This is NOT fun."
She told him she would pack up his craft kit, and he could finish it at home.
Mikey told her, "No thank you, you can keep it."
He wasn't being bratty or mean...just matter of fact.
The only part he liked was making "snakes."

In the same plaza was a pet store...he wanted to see the fish.
Mikey then asked where the "Octopus," was...geez...only my son!

He then wanted to watch the hamster on the wheel...and commented that his Zhu-zhu pet looked like the one running on the wheel!

Once back home, Mikey was a happy camper!
He pulled all of his construction stuff of the shelf, and created his own site.
He even let Ryan play too!
Ryan has learn how to make "broom-broom," sounds while playing with cars or construction equipment.
Big brother Mikey has taught him well!

Crafts and construction site make believe is hard work!
Mikey fell asleep, while playing!
Yes, he is sleeping on a block!
****I moved him to the couch....AFTER I took pictures!****


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