Playhouse Fun

On nights that we go for a walk to check the mail box, I normally can talk Mikey into going to the small playground.
It is much smaller, and Mikey enjoys the playhouse and bridge.
He asked to take a snack, and picked out a "snack size," chocolate bar...he nibbled on it the whole time he played.
Ryan walked around inside the playhouse, while Mikey went across the bridge and down the slide.
I caught this picture of the two of them...neither is looking at the camera...but I love it any way!

It was very windy, and Ryan's hair blew all over the place...he would giggle when it blew hard enough to make him close his eyes!

Happy Ryan!
We are so lucky to have 5 play grounds all within walking distance!
Mikey would pick the big one every night, if given the choice!


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