Mikey's Birthday Preview

It's SO hard to believe that Michael Jr., will be 3 tomorrow!
Mikey has so many of Mike's features, and mannerism's, it is funny to see, Father and Son together!
He is obsessed with monster trucks, trains, fire trucks, construction equipment, or basically anything that has wheels.
He watches WWE Wrestling, Thomas the Train, and Big Foot and the Mighty Monster Trucks!
He loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, McD french fries and nuggets, bananas, pancakes, and corn.
(We are lucky that eats just about everything we give him!)
He loves going for walks and the play ground.
His best friend is Dylan, but Mason is a close second!
This is another "Leanne" original!
She is SO talented, and I am very thankful to call her my friend!

***Can't wait to celebrate your special day, Happy 3rd Birthday Mikey!***


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