Memorial Day

"We will never forget our Veterans, those who gave their lives for our freedoms, those who have died and are buried on foreign soil, and those who continue to serve daily! We will never forget...and today we honor you!"

We started our day at the play ground...we tried the one we hadn't been to.
Mikey loved it, as it is for "big guys," as it doesn't have any steps!
He climbed the ladder without even blinking!

Ryan just enjoyed the play house!

Mikey, pretended he was working at a drive through.
"Here is your shake, fries will be ready in 2 hours."
(I laughed so hard when he said the last part!)

Later that day, Mikey asked Daddy to have a water fight...guess who won?

Mikey and his squirt gun.

"Maybe if I hide over here Daddy won't get me..."

Oh, no! Daddy got the hose...I guess he won!
Mikey then asked to play with his Play-Doh.

He loves to squish, the Play-Doh with the fun factory tool!

Ryan liked the cookie cutters.
"Even better game when I drop them on the floor...and Mommy picks them up!


Mikey was making "pizza."


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