Sunday, August 1, 2010

Furry Spiders?

Mikey has been reading the same book...over and over.
The book is about bugs, worms, and spiders!

His favorite page is all about tarantulas.

He put on his glasses and said lets go to the pet store, so we can see the "Furry spider." (Not to be confused with a hairy spider...)

Not sure why he needed his sunglasses, but for some reason, they were necessary!

Ryan where are you going?

Ryan's new thing is climbing the stairs, he is getting really fast.
(We are going to start gating the stairs again.)

Mikey insisted on bringing the book, so that he could see if the "Furry spider," in the store, was in fact the same as the one in his book.

Ryan loved looking at the fish.

"Hey mom, these are fish...where are the tarantulas?"

Found them! It is a "Furry spider!"

You are right son, the tarantula looks "furry," to me too!

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