Tiny Crawl Spaces

Do you like tiny crawl spaces, not knowing where the next dark tunnel leads, love things REALLY high off the ground or doing an army crawl?
No...then the City* Museum is NOT for you!
If you are 3, and love all of the above, then this place is one of the best afternoons, that you have ever had!
Do you see all of the metal, that forms the tunnels?
My little spider monkey had a blast!
We went to the museum with Melody and Thaddeus Williams, and let just say that the two of them were amazing with Mikey!
(Thanks guys!)
Thaddeus and Mikey
Mikey checking out the channel catfish, he may or may not have stuck his hand in the water...our lips are sealed!

Mel and Mikey heading up the tree to check out the tunnels above the catfish stream.

Mikey found a huge elephant.
Each section had a theme, and tunnels are tucked away, so you really have no idea of what is next!

Mikey and Mel

Ryan kind of missed out...so he and Mommy spent time watching the others climb and explore.
The museum does have a toddler area, but it was packed, so we only spent a few minutes there.

Mikey in the HUGE ball pit! He loved it!
Mikey the monkey!

Thanks Mel and Thad for the invite! We will go back!


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