Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mizzou Bus Trip

The annual Wehmer Mizzou Bus Trip!
My Aunt Jill Wehmer and Uncle Jack Wehmer, plan and organize the trip to Mizzou for some tail gating and to watch the football game!
I have 3 cousins on the Mizzou campus this year; Jeffery and Sarah Wehmer and Christopher Lilly!
We caught the chartered bus at 12:30, and made the 2 hour trip to Columbia, Missouri.
Jenny and Jeff (Dad)
I called Chris Lilly to let him know that we had arrived, and he was welcomed to join us for lunch!
He walked over, to lot X in just a few minutes!
Chris Lilly and Jenny
Sarah, David, Lindsay, Jeff, and Jackie

Jenny and Chris Wehmer
(My younger brother)

(Missed you Matt, but we understand why you couldn't join us! It was Matt's first HS Homecoming, and he was going with 2 girls!)


It was a great day, spent with my Aunts, Uncles, many Cousins, and all of our "adopted" family and friends. The bus was packed and a "rough" head count while food was being served was 60+ people! It was great to see Dad, Jack and Jim serve as grill masters. I was introduced to a new game called "flip cup." The best part? Mizzou won the football game, and it was a blast to sit with my family and cheer them on!

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