Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sullivan Farms Pumpkin Stand

We have seen the Sullivan Farm's pumpkin stand at Shakleford and New Halls Ferry, for the last two weeks...
Mikey found the huge containers filled with Pumpkins!
Mommy was excited to see that the box had "The Great Pumpkin," on the side of it!

Ryan and his overalls!

"Wow Mommy, there are a ton of pumpkins here!"


"Lets go look at the pumpkins, Ryan!"

Mikey and Ryan checking things out...

"Hey Mommy, this guy is silly..."


"I'm hiding Mommy..."

"I really like this guy!"

Mikey was thrilled they had a bounce house!


"Its a hay ride Mommy!"

***No, I didn't lose Ryan or allow him to go play in traffic...he was there I swear! I am just now figuring out how hard it is to chase two boys and take pictures!***

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