Sunday, October 3, 2010

Super Heroes in the Park

We met the kids and Moms from the St. Louis Babies On the Brain Message Board Group at Faust Park, for another AWESOME play date!
"St. Louis' Littlest Super Heroes in the Park!"

Mommy, Leanne, and Grandma all worked really hard to make capes for Mikey and Ryan.
Mikey wasn't sure what his super power was, so while flipping through the book of options, he chose the alligator!
Not sure why, maybe he has jaws of steel?
Mommy chose the lightening bolt, for Ryan, as he is a little speed demon these days!

Super R and Super M

Mikey and Ryan

Hey Mommy, I'm not sure how long I can hold onto this fence!

Olivia, was Super Boots girl! Leanne did an AMAZING job!

Mikey found straw, and thought it would be a fun idea to watch it fall from his hands...

Cooper asking Mikey what he was doing...

Cooper and Ryan


Ryan liked the Carriage House.
Ryan, Ellie, Mikey, and Olivia wanted to get a closer view of the old fashioned carriage.

Ryan had so much fun!



Ryan and Mikey, with their capes flying in the wind!

Mikey wanted to know if he could fly...umm, not on your life son!

The back of Mikey's cape.

Cooper, Ryan, Mikey, and Aunt Jessie

Mikey and Cooper
Mikey, Ryan, and Cooper

Did you see that butterfly?
All 3 of them looked at the same time!


Mikey couldn't wait to go to the play ground!

"Mommy, Ryan really does not want to hold my hand!"

The Troublesome Twosome....
Time to go home! Thanks for the invite!
****Thanks to Carrie and Nicole for sharing their photos!***
***Thank you Leanne for another AMAZING idea! Thank you for the help in cutting the vinyl for the capes! You are gifted, creative, and a freaking genius when it comes to crafts and ways to take pictures of the kiddos! Thanks for everything you do for me and the boys!***

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