Lee Family Christmas

Over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house we go...
We had Christmas on Sunday, at Grandma and Pa-pa's house.
Mom's tree is always beautiful!

Ryan and Mikey, looking at all of the gifts!

Mikey and Ryan playing with Grandma's pillows!

Who knew pillows gave static hair?

Connor, Aiden, and Mikey...love the new bunk beds!

Jason vs. Ryan...stare down 2010!

Ryan entertained himself with the little table and chair set!
He worked really hard to climb up into the chair all by himself!

Mission complete...must take a break!

Grandpa's food was yummy! The boys loved the ham!


Mikey and Aiden

Ryan and Mikey

Mikey got a train set!

Mikey was not overly impressed when he first opened his next gift..."It's a basket?"
Then Grandma told him to open the picnic basket, and he was THRILLED, that it had lots of goodies inside!

Ryan and Mikey looking at the picnic basket together.


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